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At St George’s

Christian had been given his antibiotics and a blood transfusion and he was all ready to go home. The community nurses would finish the course of antibiotics by visiting us once a day at home. Claudia then noticed that the scar on his leg were the autopsy was done was red and inflamed. We showed the doctors who said that, as long as his temperature didn’t spike he would be allowed home as the antibiotics would sort it out.

Right on cue, Christian started to look a bit flushed, they took his temperature and it was 38.5. He will now probably have to stay for 48 hours as they blitz him with “first line” antibiotics, the one he was on before and two others.

He is, however, in fine spirits. It’s 8.45pm, he has finally stopped chatting and is peacefully asleep.

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St George’s

Christian’s Hickman line is red and sore, it is probably infected so we have brought him to St George’s. He is in good nature but is neutrapenic and his Hemoglobin levels are low so they have put him on antibiotics and he is going to have a blood transfusion.

If he remains happy and doesn’t spike a temperature we hope to take him home tomorrow.

St George’s have set up a credit card payment site for the Christian Blandford fund. If you wish to sponsor or have already pledged this is an efficient way to pay, they only charge 3% as opposed to the 10% justgiving charge.

If you forward me your confirmation e-mail from the donation I’ll be able to keep tally of what we have raised and I’ll add your name to list of generous donors.

Thanks again to all those who have sponsored so far, we are over the moon with how it’s going.

Finally I’ll leave you with the question, “Is the world ready for another super-hero?”


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Still at St George’s

TWe were hoping to come home today but Christian isn’t well enough. He still has a slight temperature and his blood counts are low. He had a platelets transfusion and had a bad reaction to it which made him itchy and uncomfortable, He’s been given piriton which seems to have worked and is now sleeping peacefully.

I got an E-mail today from the organiser of the run and there are only 100 places left. So if you wish to run and have not entered yet please do so now.

Could you please tell me if you have entered and are raising money. All the people I know about are also listed on this page.

If you are planning on sponsoring and haven’t done so already please send me a pledge by e-mail, I’ll chase up payment out later! Again all the sponsors I know about are listed in the yellow box on the right.

If you are not running please consider coming along on the 4th March and cheering us all on. It should be great fun day out.

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St George’s

Christian has been on very good form for the last couple of weeks. On Wednesday he even went into nursery for the morning, they have made of photo montage for the wall of his day in!

The last few days he has had a bit of a cold and his temperature spiked to 38.5 on Saturday afternoon. Because it was a week after chemo we had to assume he was neutrapenic and took him down to St George’s. One of the children at nursery came down with Chickenpox later in the week so Christian had to have an injection to protect him as, even though he has already had Chickenpox, the chemo will have killed his resistance to it.

He has probably got a viral cold which is relatively harmless, but they have to follow protocol and treat it as an antibacterial infection. He is on intravenous antibiotics and they will keep him in for 48 hours while they try and grow cultures on a blood sample. If nothing is grown in that time and he doesn’t get another temperature and he seems well in himself, he will probably be allowed home.

Danny, Claudia’s sister, took some photos of Christian last week while he was having his stem cell harvest. Here is one…

stem cell

Dans is off to Montenegro to turn around the local property market. Our boys are really going to miss her. Here she is doing what she does best, making them laugh and spoiling them rotten…


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Scan Results


Christian had a temperature on Tuesday so we have spent the last couple of days at St. George’s. It looks like it was an infection in his leg that caused the temperature. He has been on intravenous antibiotics which have done the trick and has been allowed home today. He will need to continue the course of antibiotics until next week but, as it’s a once a day dose, it can be given by the community nurses at home.

The bone scan which was due tomorrow was brought forward to today and he and I were taken down to the Royal Marsden for it by ambulance. It was very exciting for both of us…

We are seeing Kathy Pritchard Jones tomorrow to discuss his treatment and get the results of the bone scan. Kathy did pop into the radiology department this afternoon and at first glance, the scans looked good with no sign of the cancer spreading and a good reaction to the chemo so far. Good news at last…

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Christian and I are currently at St. George’s. He got a temperature yesterday and as he is very neutropenic he can’t fight infection. He is on antibiotics and is happy so I am hoping we get home later today or tomorrow. His Hickman line has become slightly dislodged so they struggled to get blood out of it last night but they got there in the end. He may need that replaced soon.

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Thank you

Sunday 23rd October

Christian had his last chemo three weeks ago. He got a temperature on Thursday evening when he was still neutropenic from the chemotherapy. We took him into St George’s and he has spent the weekend in and out, getting regular intravenous antibiotics. The doctors think that it is probably viral and will therefore not be a problem for his body to fight but it takes 2-3 days to discover if an infection is bacterial. The protocol is to treat it as though it were bacterial (hence the antibiotics) until proven otherwise. Hopefully by this evening no signs of bacteria on the blood samples taken on Thursday will mean that he is in the clear and we can stop the course of antibiotics.

He was quite poorly on Thursday but has been fine for the last couple of days. Hopefully this will be the last time that we have to go into hospital for something like this…

On a side note, it is very rewarding to go back to St George’s and speak to the nurses who are so happy with the money I was given as sponsorship. The money has not yet been spent but I am convinced that it will really help. Thanks again for your generosity.

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Thank you from St George’s

Christian has been very well recently, hence the lack of updates. His last chemotherapy is scheduled in less than two weeks, which is an important milestone that we’ve been looking forward to.

I have finally collected all the sponsorship money at the final amount raised is over £47,000. Thanks very much to all of you for your support. I have received a couple of letters from St. George’s which were very nice, they are here andhere.

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2 Hospitals…


We’ve had a couple of nights at St George’s with Christian and he has been put on oral antibiotics and sent home. It took that much time because the doctors wanted to make sure that it was not a serious infection which would need more heavy duty antibiotics and he kept “spiking” temperature.

We will be going to the Royal Marsden tomorrow and if he is well enough they will give him the chemotherapy he didn’t have Friday. Henry is very excited because now that it’s school holidays he’ll be coming along, and they’ve got great toys there.

Claudia keeps bleating on about the fact that she and Christian were taken from The Royal Marsden to St George’s by ambulance and I haven’t mentioned it. Apparently it was very exciting.

While I was at St George’s, I spoke to Francis, the nurse who will administer the money we have raised. As the amount raised has grown, its effect will become more significant. They, apparently, got turned down a year ago for a grant to improve the treatment room which is seriously in need of modernisation. This will now be possible.

They are also getting a new waiting room (until now parents have had to wait in the kids play room until a bed is available). Whilst the room has been allocated for the waiting room, the money wasn’t there for chairs and curtains and so it has been delayed. This should now be taken care of.

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At The Pinckney

Friday 15th July

Christian was due to be having his chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden today. Unfortunately he has had a high temperature since yesterday afternoon which is a sign of infection. Claudia took him to the Royal Marsden where they started him on antibiotics and then brought him to St George’s where I am spending the night with him at the, now famous, Pinkney ward.

He has had a bad day with Claudia and was quite upset most of the day. Fortunately for me, by the time I arrived the antibiotics had kicked in. They have taken bloods and will grow cultures to try to identify the bug so they can decide what the best antibiotic is for the job. That will probably take a couple of days.

We were hoping to go to Begur in Spain Monday, and my mum and sisters and all their families were joining us there next week for another week. We are still hoping to get there for the second week to join my family.

Most of the money has come in now, thank you very much. If you were kind enough to sponsor me and haven’t got around to paying please either send me a cheque or e-mail me for my bank detail for direct transfer. For what it’s worth Christian finally fell asleep tonight at 9.00pm when the sun started to go down. I wish those blackout blinds were already here…

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