Still at St George’s

TWe were hoping to come home today but Christian isn’t well enough. He still has a slight temperature and his blood counts are low. He had a platelets transfusion and had a bad reaction to it which made him itchy and uncomfortable, He’s been given piriton which seems to have worked and is now sleeping peacefully.

I got an E-mail today from the organiser of the run and there are only 100 places left. So if you wish to run and have not entered yet please do so now.

Could you please tell me if you have entered and are raising money. All the people I know about are also listed on this page.

If you are planning on sponsoring and haven’t done so already please send me a pledge by e-mail, I’ll chase up payment out later! Again all the sponsors I know about are listed in the yellow box on the right.

If you are not running please consider coming along on the 4th March and cheering us all on. It should be great fun day out.


Trustee of The Christian Blandford Fund
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