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We took Christian in for an MRI scan today at the Royal Marsden. It was done under a general anesthetic as he needed to stay still for over an hour as it was done. He always finds general anesthetic a bit upsetting but has recovered well and is now in a good mood. We will get the results of the scan on Friday when we go back to see Kathy Pritchard Jones. It is an important result as we will find out if there has been any spreading of cancer since the treatment began. He has had some aches and pains recently which are, apparently, common when on chemotherapy but each one is clearly a worry.

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Scan Results

Christian had a temperature on Tuesday so we have spent the last couple of days at St. George’s. It looks like it was an infection in his leg that caused the temperature. He has been on intravenous antibiotics which have done the trick and has been allowed home today. He will need to continue the course of antibiotics until next week but, as it’s a once a day dose, it can be given by the community nurses at home.

The bone scan which was due tomorrow was brought forward to today and he and I were taken down to the Royal Marsden for it by ambulance. It was very exciting for both of us…

We are seeing Kathy Pritchard Jones tomorrow to discuss his treatment and get the results of the bone scan. Kathy did pop into the radiology department this afternoon and at first glance, the scans looked good with no sign of the cancer spreading and a good reaction to the chemo so far. Good news at last…

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Bone Biopsy – Inconclusive

Christian had a Hickman Line fitted today, they also took a sample of bone marrow from his hips for testing. The operation went fine and he is now at home and relatively happy, if a bit concerned about the tube going into his chest…

The results from the Bone biopsy came back today and unfortunately they were “inconclusive”. This means that he will need to go back in and get another biopsy before treatment can begin, we haven’t got a date for this yet. Tomorrow we are going into the Royal Marsden to see Cathy Pritchard Jones who is back from holiday, she wants a couple of tests redone including the chest and leg x-rays. He is also going to get a kidney test (as one of the chemo drugs could effect it) and some blood tests.

On a lighter note, Henry lost his first tooth today. Photos to come…

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First Visit to The Royal Marsden

We took him to the Marsden where we met Kathy Prichard-Jones, she is the professor of pediatric oncology and happens to run a large team of researchers who research Wilms tumors. Wilms tumors have been “curable” for 20 years or so and 90% of children apparently make a full recovery. The treatment is chemotherapy for a few weeks, followed by surgery to remove the kidney and growth followed by more chemotherapy. He would need to have a biopsy and a CT scan to confirm that it is Wilms tumor and that it hasn’t spread anywhere else (unlikely from the fact that he is acting happy).

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