Bone Biopsy – Inconclusive

Christian had a Hickman Line fitted today, they also took a sample of bone marrow from his hips for testing. The operation went fine and he is now at home and relatively happy, if a bit concerned about the tube going into his chest…

The results from the Bone biopsy came back today and unfortunately they were “inconclusive”. This means that he will need to go back in and get another biopsy before treatment can begin, we haven’t got a date for this yet. Tomorrow we are going into the Royal Marsden to see Cathy Pritchard Jones who is back from holiday, she wants a couple of tests redone including the chest and leg x-rays. He is also going to get a kidney test (as one of the chemo drugs could effect it) and some blood tests.

On a lighter note, Henry lost his first tooth today. Photos to come…


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