Stagecoach Bravery Award

Christian enjoys going to stagecoach where he practices dancing, singing and acting. When they found out about his illness, Wendy and Keith who run the Tonbridge school asked if they could put him forward for a national Stagecoach Award. If you are interested here is the letter that Keith wrote.

Christian, Claudia, Peter and Christian’s nanny (Pete’s mum, June) went to the Houses of Parliament where Christian was named the winner of the Bravery prize. Needless to say we were over the moon!

Click here for more photos of the event.

Christian with Wendy from Stagecoach Tonbridge

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Claudia’s 10km run

Claudia and Christian

Christian’s mum, Claudia has decided to run 10km to raise money for the Christian Blandford Fund, she writes…

Hi, thanks for visiting my page.  For those of you who know me, I am not a runner.  I may attempt to jog a little bit but I am rubbish – I don’t “do” speed, I constantly need to pee, and I always sprain my ankle.  Not the right ingredients really to attempt a 10k!  However, I am raising money for The Christian Blandford Fund.  Christian is my son and he has been through cancer twice.  As a family we have spent a huge amount of time in hospitals where we could see that they were crying out for basic things such as sofa beds for parents, curtains, high chairs, toys, electronic games etc.  We managed to raise enough money to buy these things, and much more, but we need to continue to raise funds – sofa beds break, curtains rip, toys don’t last forever.  Please help me to be able to continue to help the lives of sick children and their families in hospitals.  

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

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Healthy and Delicious Pasta Sauce

Christian, Henry and I decided to have some fun promoting the Christian Blandford Fund

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The New Beacon

The New Beacon School raised £437.61 by nominating the Christian Blandford Site as a recipient of the collection at the recent chapel service.

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Pete Radford ( not Blandford!)

Peter Radford has entered the grueling Etape du Tour bike ride and will raise money for two charities, Chase Hospice Care and The Christian Blandford Fund.

Pete is trying to raise £8,604 which is somehow relevant to the event. If you sponsor him you can guess what the link is and win a mystery prize!

He writes, “It is 112 miles and 3 mountain climbs in the Pyrennes. Given that I weigh twice as much as a pro-rider and prefer a G&T to protein shakes, this is a major challenge for me. Last year over 20% of the riders taking part did not finish – this must not be confused with a bike ride you can just turn up and get through on the day. We will be riding for around 10 hours on the day in 30 degrees heat. I am doing this ride with my mate Rob Lucas and we have been training since January, lost some weight and put a lot of miles on the bike. We are funding the ride ourselves with all the money from this site going straight to two charities.”

Peter Radford

Peter’s sponsorship page is here

Sponsor me on Virgin Money Giving

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Christian’s latest check up

Christian’s latest check up went well again, he will now be having 6 monthly check ups.

Christian has always loved dancing, even when he was unwell and tiny he was a funky mover…

Here he is a few years later and much healthier

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Finton House Fete

Amy Hancox, a trustee with the Chritian Blandford Fund, persuaded the Head Master of Finton House School to nominate us as the beneficiary of their Summer fete. They raised a fantastic £2,600.

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Check up at Royal Marsden & Michael Jackson

Christian had his regular (4 monthly) check up at the Royal Marsden last week. He has had a persistent cough since Christmas which was enough to worry us. Happily everything is fine and the chest X-Ray came up clear.

He took a DVD we made of him dancing to Michael Jackson and charmed all the doctors and nurses with it. The sad news is that Kathy Pritchard Jones who last looked after Christian from the beginning is moving to Great Ormind Street were I am sure she will continue to do great work. We have made an appointment with her in March to check Christian’s kidney function which was low last year, she will be leaving The Royal Marsden soon after. We have promised to give her a copy of Christian’s DVD as he wouldn’t part with the one he took.

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Charitable Status and trustees

The Christian Blandford Fund has been given approved charitable status by the Inland Revenue. This will allow us to open our own bank account which will be done very shortly. The main beneficiary will ultimately remain as St George’s in Tooting but this will allow us to have even more control of how and when money is spent. For now the donate link is still crediting St George’s Charitable Foundation (the Christian Blandford fund) but soon the money will go straight to a separate charity account. The trustees of the charity are Peter Blandford, Claudia Blandford, Darren Bowler and Amy Hancox.

Darren and Amy have also been busy helping spend some of the money that has been raised so far. Here is how St George’s put it…

Many of you may know Darren Bowler as a great friend of the Blandfords. He has now generously offered his time to help project manage and speed up the spending of the monies from the Christian Blandford Fund. Helping Darren in many different ways is Amy Hancox, whose daughter Anna is a former Pinkney patient, and who, along with her husband Matt, ran the London Marathon in April 2009 to raise funds. St George’s Hospital Charity is delighted to announce that both Darren and Amy have become official St George’s Hospital Volunteers and we are thrilled to have their dedicated input and enthusiasm.

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Thank you Sandy

Peter’s step father, Sandy Arthur,  sadly passed away in November. One of the charities supported by friends and family in lieu of flowers at the funeral was the Christian Blandford Fund. Several hundred pounds were donated.

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