The CBF 2018 Triathlon – update

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We are very happy to say that the take up for the CBF triathlon in May next year has been fantastic but we still have a long way to go. In order to join us for what promises to be a fantastic event please follow the following steps

Step  1 – Please click here to donate to the Christian Blandford Fund

Step 2 – Click here to sign up with Skyline who are organising the event

Step 3 – click here to set up a Virgin Money Giving page to start your fund raising select organised event and search for “CBF”

Thank you to those who have donated more than the recommended £99 per person to join us. The extra amount you have given goes straight into the fund, and will help us meet our ambitious target of raising £100,000.

We welcome people signing up in teams and couples but  remind you that the recommended donation of £99 is per person taking part. The cost of entry for the charity is £320 per entry but the Blandford family are happy to be donating the majority of this fee and we ask everybody, in return, to make the minimum donation of £99 each.

Gift Aid – please tick the gift aid box if you are a UK tax payer. If you pay  more than 25% tax, we recommend you making a note of this donation for your own tax return.  If you are an additional tax rate payer, for example, you can claim back another 20% of your donation on your 2017/18 tax return. Many people forget to do this.

You can see the progress of the Campaign on the Virgin Money Giving page

If you use Facebook and Twitter please follow us and share our posts. Social media really helps!

The last  big event we organised was a 10km run in 2014. Life was tougher in those days but this was a certainly high point in a dark time…


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