Charitable Status and trustees

The Christian Blandford Fund has been given approved charitable status by the Inland Revenue. This will allow us to open our own bank account which will be done very shortly. The main beneficiary will ultimately remain as St George’s in Tooting but this will allow us to have even more control of how and when money is spent. For now the donate link is still crediting St George’s Charitable Foundation (the Christian Blandford fund) but soon the money will go straight to a separate charity account. The trustees of the charity are Peter Blandford, Claudia Blandford, Darren Bowler and Amy Hancox.

Darren and Amy have also been busy helping spend some of the money that has been raised so far. Here is how St George’s put it…

Many of you may know Darren Bowler as a great friend of the Blandfords. He has now generously offered his time to help project manage and speed up the spending of the monies from the Christian Blandford Fund. Helping Darren in many different ways is Amy Hancox, whose daughter Anna is a former Pinkney patient, and who, along with her husband Matt, ran the London Marathon in April 2009 to raise funds. St George’s Hospital Charity is delighted to announce that both Darren and Amy have become official St George’s Hospital Volunteers and we are thrilled to have their dedicated input and enthusiasm.


Trustee of The Christian Blandford Fund
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