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Stem Cell Transplant

Christian has had his stem cell transplant. It didn’t go too badly but wasn’t a lot of fun, it gives him a sore tummy and nausea as it is given. Bizarrely due to the chemicals used to preserve it, it gives him a strong smell of sweet corn first and he now smells of tinned tomato soup.

He has started to go downhill and the worst of it will come in the next couple of weeks. The chemo will attack his stomach lining and he and will probably give have a very sore tummy, throat and mouth. This is called mucositis, there is not much that can be done about it apart from treating the symptoms and waiting for him to heal. He will probably end up on intravenous morphine for the pain and not be able to eat so will be on nutrition through his NG tube.

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Chemo over

Christian has finished all of the chemo now. He is not feeling too bad, a bit more sleepy than he has been but yesterday he ran around and played hide and seek with me taking advantage of an hour or so when he wasn’t attached to a drip. Today at around midday he will have the stem cells that were harvested a few weeks ago reintroduced. Apparently it can make him feel nauseous and can induce a seizure.

He still loves playing up to a crowd. Here he is in the play room yesterday…

Update – the stem cell transplant has been delayed until tomorrow, because they have decided to give him 72 hours from the end of chemo before he gets it. He needs to be well hydrated for it but as it has been delayed he has now been taken off the drip and has run off to play room with Anna. Watch out plates, here he comes…

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