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I have some photos of the run, they are  here . I have set up a new donation page with a list of donors and total amount donated it is here.

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Christian came home on Thursday and has had a good weekend at home. He’s back for chemo at the Royal Marsden, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is the one that needs him to stay in overnight for so Claudia will be in Thursday night and I’ll do Friday night.

The run is going fantastically well. I have ordered 150 T-shirts with a nice design on the back and have assumed everybody who is running will want one. I’d like to thank Jonathan Cook for his help in designing the T-shirt. Jon has also volunteered to come and take photographs on the day. So make sure you’re looking good as you cross the finish line…

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The London 10km Run

First things first, Christian has been pretty well recently hence the lack of updates. His hair is growing back a bit and his speech is coming on very well. In true Blandford/Parish style, it is now tricky to keep him quiet.

Yesterday was the 10km run that I have been talking about. Imanaged to drag myself around the full distance in a leisurely 56 minutes, and have been barely able to move since.

If you were kind enough to sponsor me please send a cheque to me at

Thanks to your generosity and Morgan Stanley’s matching, the Pinkney ward at St George’s will receive over £45,000. It should make a real difference.


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