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Last of the Radiotherapy

Thursday 5th July 2007

Christian had the last session of radiotherapy yesterday and had his Hickman line removed this morning. he has coped remarkably well and even managed to get to his nursery sports day earlier this week. We are now all looking forward to a couple of weeks in Spain at the end of July.

In case you didn’t see it here is an amusing film we made last weekend…

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First Radiotherapy

Christian has had his first radiotherapy today. He was not particularly impressed with the room full of Doctors and equipment and was a bit upset but, hopefully, he’ll get used to it over the next three weeks. Unfortunately he doesn’t like the effect of the general anesthetic and so cries when he sees the white syringe. He did, however, recover very quickly and a couple of minutes after he awoke he was tucking into a jam doughnut.

He has had a tummy ache at night for the last couple of weeks which has been waking him (and us!) up. At first we assumed it was still pain from the chemotherapy but he had some tests yesterday and he has a urinary infection. He’s on oral antibiotics so that should clear it up pretty quickly but we are still waiting to hear back from the lab to confirm which bacteria is growing on his urine sample. Once identified they will either stick with the oral antibiotic he is on, or change it. There was talk too of sending him for an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow.

I am trying to collect the last of the sponsorship money. If you were kind enough to pledge and haven’t got around to paying please pay onlinehere. Similarly, if you ran the race and are still owed money from sponsors please send them the link and encourage them to pay online. Thank you all again for the amazing support, I have been assured by Sean Bonnington that the money raised will be vital to getting the “kids on 5″ project off the ground.

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Christian has started to recover. His temperature has been under control and he is smiling again!


He is not eating yet but is completely off the morphine and we hope to be home within a week or so. The radiotherapy has been booked in, it starts in the middle of June and it is given Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. He will need to be given a general anesthetic each time.

They hope that the radiation will not effect the growth of the leg too much but there may be a very slight one.

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