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The biopsy result finally came through today and the growth in Christian’s leg was confirmed to be a reoccurrence of the Clear Cell Sarcoma.

We are taking him for his first Chemo on Sunday and he will stay in overnight so they can keep an eye on him. He may be home during the day on Monday but will have to go back for a second drug on Tuesday. His treatment will be every three weeks after that for 18 weeks followed by the “high dose” chemotherapy.

His is recovering from the biopsy but is still a bit sore and isn’t walking on it yet. Other than that he has been in very fine spirits.

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Bone Biopsy

We took Christian to Stanmore Orthopedic Hospital today for another bone biopsy. It all went fine and the surgeons are confident that they got a decent sample this time. He is a bit sore but was allowed home. The results may take over a week but we are (sort of) hoping they come quicker so the treatment can begin.

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The Bone Biopsy

Christian had the bone biopsy today, it all went fine and they got a good sample. We will not get the results until next week so the Hickman line insertion is going to wait until then. He was in pretty good form all day, the biopsy was quite intrusive so he’ll be a bit sore for a few days.

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