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At St George’s

Christian had been given his antibiotics and a blood transfusion and he was all ready to go home. The community nurses would finish the course of antibiotics by visiting us once a day at home. Claudia then noticed that the scar on his leg were the autopsy was done was red and inflamed. We showed the doctors who said that, as long as his temperature didn’t spike he would be allowed home as the antibiotics would sort it out.

Right on cue, Christian started to look a bit flushed, they took his temperature and it was 38.5. He will now probably have to stay for 48 hours as they blitz him with “first line” antibiotics, the one he was on before and two others.

He is, however, in fine spirits. It’s 8.45pm, he has finally stopped chatting and is peacefully asleep.

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A Spike

We came in to the Royal Marsden today for chemo and Christian temperature “spiked”. It would seem that he has an infection of some kind, probably viral. He has been given intravenous antibiotics and will need to stay overnight as the next dose is due at 1.00am. From tomorrow, it will be due every 24 hours so we may be able to go home.

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A Spike


I’ve just got back from a night with Christian on the ward at St George’s so forgive me if this all comes out as a jumbled mess. All weekend Christian was very happy, eating and drinking well and generally having fun. Sunday night something hit him and he was throwing up during the night. He was due to go to The Royal Marsden for a checkup and some drugs to boost his white blood cell count on Monday so we went early and spent all day there. He had a slightly high temperature and he was given some antibiotics.

By the end of the day he seemed a bit better so we were sent home with the strict instructions to phone if his temperature “spiked” again. By 9.00pm his temperature was up to 38.7 and however hard I tapped the thermometer it wouldn’t go lower. As Claudia spent a lot of Sunday night up with Christian, I took him to the ST George’s Hospital.

He has now been given two more types of antibiotics until they get results of blood tests which show what particular bug he has. One of the concerns is that he may have either an infection in his portacath or the same infection has come back from a couple of weeks ago. If this is the case he may need to have an operation to have it replaced.

If, however, it is a different infection it may be treatable at home by either oral antibiotics or by once a day intravenous antibiotics that the community nurse would administer. The care at St George’s was very good last night and although it is not as comfortable as the Royal Marsden it wasn’t too bad.

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Christian came home today. He has been given an oral antibiotic instead of an intravenous one and, as such, he does not need to go into hospital for it. He seems in pretty good spirits, if a little bit disorientated.

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Christian has still been a bit unwell today so he’s been given antibiotics. The good news is that he managed to stay still for the CT head scan without anesthetic, and that was negative. The bone scan and bone marrow sample will have to wait until Monday. His chemotherapy will wait until tomorrow too when , hopefully, he’ll feel better. Christian will soon look just like his dad; his hair has started to fall out so I’m taking my clippers in tomorrow and he’ll get a grade 1!

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An Infection

You may remember that Christian was due in hospital today to have a head scan and have a sample of bone marrow taken. He needs a general anesthetic for these and he unfortunately is not well enough to have it. He has a bit of a temperature and his breathing is a bit too fast, they suspect it’s a chest infection. He has been given antibiotics and will be staying in the Royal Marsden for a night or two for further observations. We hope to reschedule those two tests for when he’s better. We still hope to go ahead with the bone scan tomorrow. Next Wednesday’s operation should still go ahead as planned.

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