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Stem Cell Harvest

Christian needs to have a stem cell harvest next week. It will involve him going into The Royal Marsden for a couple of days where he will get a new line fitted, unfortunately the Hickman Line will not work for this. They will take blood and draw stem cells which will then be frozen. Stem cells are special cells that can develop into either red cells, white cells or platelets and are normally produced by the bone marrow. When Christian has intensive chemotherapy in a few weeks he will not be able to produce any stem cells and they will use what they harvest next week. He should be in hospital for a couple of days.

At the moment he is in pretty good form and seems to have reacted better to the last dose of chemotherapy than the first. His mouth is getting sore which could be a sign that he is developing mucositis, this is when the lining of the digestive system becomes inflamed, a common symptom of chemotherapy. His leg pains seem to have also got more frequent recently. We have an appointment with Kathy Pritchard Jones on Friday so we can discuss some of these issues with her. They are trying to fit him in for a bone scan and an x-ray for Friday too.

The line up for the 10km run is looking good. Thanks very much to all those who have offered to sponsor so far and those who have are joining in. Even if you are not running please put a note in the diary and come along and cheer everybody along. All the team will have the same T-shirts so we should be easy to spot…

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Message From Claudia

7th January 2007

Claudia here! Peter has instructed me to write the latest update so please bare with me as I am under a lot of pressure to live up to the usual high standards! Christian was fine over New Year, if a bit tired and emotional (or was that me?!). His Hickman Line is working fine now, and after a couple of transfusions (platelet and blood) he was fit enough to go in for his chemo at the Royal Marsden on Tuesday January 2nd as an in patient for three days. This all went as normal and Christian was on pretty good form, until we went to leave on Thursday and he promptly threw up everywhere. I was worried they might want to keep us in, but he seemed fine after that so we were allowed to leave. He was sick again in the night, but since then the various anti-nausea drugs they gave us seem to have kicked in. For now he seems in good spirits and even wolfed down a massive plate of spaghetti with grated cheese followed by 2 yogurts for his tea – a proud mum moment so I asked Pete to take a photo of it!


As Pete mentioned in his e-mail he is arranging a 10K run on Sunday 4th March in Battersea. PLEASE do sign up for it – Even I am going to give it a go! All money raised goes towards the “St. George’s Charitable Foundation – Christian Blandford Paediatric Fund”. I can not tell you how much we (and other families) have benefited from the money that was raised in 2005 by all of you. The Pinkney Ward is now so much more comfortable! So, if like us you over indulged in too much food and wine over Christmas get your running kit on and start training!! Obviously no pressure, but you know our son is ill……………….

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Christmas 2006

30th December 2006

Fortunately, Christmas was fairly peaceful. We had to visit the hospital every day in the morning to get some GCSF but that was much better than the 3 visits a day it looked at one point that we would be making. Christian’s hair started to fall out so we had to give him a haircut which he was a bit upset about. It didn’t seem to help when we told him that it looked like Daddy’s hair now. I can’t say I blame him. He still looks gorgeous though…


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Christmas Eve 2006


We have been in and out of St. George’s for the last few days getting antibiotics for Christian. He has also had GCSF to boost his neutrophils and a platelet transfusion as they were very low. The last couple of nights we have brought him home to sleep and yesterday he was home most of the day, returning to the hospital three times for his antibiotics. He had the last dose of that this morning and we are waiting to see what his blood results are to see whether he needs more GCSF.

Nanny and Grandad (June and Sandy) were here yesterday and the boys got their presents. Henry and I have been playing scalextrix all morning and Christian is very excited about his pink dancing car! it could be worse Danny was threatening me with buying him a pink fairy costume…

Merry Christmas from all of us and thank you for all of your support over the last few weeks. It really has made a massive difference.


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Christian and I are currently at St. George’s. He got a temperature yesterday and as he is very neutropenic he can’t fight infection. He is on antibiotics and is happy so I am hoping we get home later today or tomorrow. His Hickman line has become slightly dislodged so they struggled to get blood out of it last night but they got there in the end. He may need that replaced soon.

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Wedding Gifts

December 2006 – Juliette and Chris Norris asked their guest at their wedding to donate to the Christian Blandford fund instead of giving presents, thank you very much Juliette and Chris.

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A Spike

We came in to the Royal Marsden today for chemo and Christian temperature “spiked”. It would seem that he has an infection of some kind, probably viral. He has been given intravenous antibiotics and will need to stay overnight as the next dose is due at 1.00am. From tomorrow, it will be due every 24 hours so we may be able to go home.

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We have just got back from the Royal Marsden. Christian had two different Chemotherapy drugs, Etoposide and Carboplatin. Carboplatin is given over an hour. Etoposide is also given as an hour drip but for 3 consecutive days, so he had it on Sunday, today and is due to go back for the last dose tomorrow.

Yesterday he had a great day, Henry came with us and the staff at the Royal Marsden put on a pantomime in the afternoon which was very good. Before anybody asks, I was not drafted in at the last moment…

Peter Blandford's photo

He slept well last night and has been very happy until the nausea kicked in this morning. We have a couple of different drugs which will, hopefully keep the nausea under control.

The next dose will come in the new year when he will have the Etoposide again, this time he will have it with Cyclophosphamide which has to be given overnight with a hydrating drip.

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The biopsy result finally came through today and the growth in Christian’s leg was confirmed to be a reoccurrence of the Clear Cell Sarcoma.

We are taking him for his first Chemo on Sunday and he will stay in overnight so they can keep an eye on him. He may be home during the day on Monday but will have to go back for a second drug on Tuesday. His treatment will be every three weeks after that for 18 weeks followed by the “high dose” chemotherapy.

His is recovering from the biopsy but is still a bit sore and isn’t walking on it yet. Other than that he has been in very fine spirits.

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Bone Biopsy

We took Christian to Stanmore Orthopedic Hospital today for another bone biopsy. It all went fine and the surgeons are confident that they got a decent sample this time. He is a bit sore but was allowed home. The results may take over a week but we are (sort of) hoping they come quicker so the treatment can begin.

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