The CBF Lake District Triathlon







The Event 

The triathlon took place in the Lake District  on the 18th-20th May 2018 and entailed a 2 mile open water canoe, an 8 mile bike ride, a 7 mile trek up Haystacks followed by another 13 mile bike ride cycling through some of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District.

The Aim

St George’s Hospital, Tooting, is about to start renovation works on all their children’s wards and they have asked the Christian Blandford Fund to assist with both ideas and financing. This could be the biggest and most important project we have supported and will directly help thousands of sick children every year. The children’s wards badly needed renovation when Christian was a frequent visitor ten years ago, and very little to improve them has been done since. We have not been able to help until now because there has always been a long term rebuilding plan which, frustratingly, never materialised. We now have the green light to go ahead and make some significant changes.

We aim to raise £100,000.

The cost of the event

The cost of the event was all covered by the people taking part and a donation from the Blandford family. Read more about why they did this here.


To donate or track the total raised so far please click here