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Christian Meets Mark Owen and Opens a Garden

The Christian Blandford Fund made a significant contribution toward this amazing new garden at St George’s. It is a wonderful private space for children to get away from the wards. Mark Owen was very kind to come and open it. He was fantastic, signing loads of autographs, posing for photos, visiting the wards, and presenting the hospital with a £20,000 from The Take That Foundation. The photos are here.

Christian and Mark

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Take That Tickets!!!

2nd July 2011

Hi all – we have 2 more Take That tickets to sell to raise money for our bike ride.1st July 2011 – More take that tickets!!!!! – this is from Fiona, one of the Blondes on bikes

TEXT ONLY your bid to Caroline Chalkley on 07788 598718 Opening/Reserve bid is £500 for both or £250 each

Bidding Closing 5pm Sunday 3rd July





All proceeds to go to www.theblandfords.com/christianblandford Fund

Good luck

x fi

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Blondes On Bikes

Blondes on Bikes

Caroline Watt

Rachael Morgan

Fiona Spencer

Caroline Chalkley

378 Kilometres, 3 days, 4 blondes!

Blondes on Bikes – for one weekend only!

16th – 19th June 2011

Who would have thought any good could ever come from a mid-life crisis?? Turning 40 years can make people do the strangest of things – we have a bought a lot of lycra and decided to cycle from London to Paris – for one weekend only “Blondes on Bikes” go on tour!

The “Blondes on Bikes” team is a small collection of 40ish year old mums with a total of 10 children between us.  We all live Wandsworth, so our local hospital is St Georges.  It is no surprise that St Georges provides a full range of General Paediatric Medicine inpatient and outpatient services.  There are five children’s wards including eight Paediatric Intensive Care Unit beds for critically ill children.  The BoB team feels lucky that it has not had to use any of these services, but being in the heart of “nappy valley” there are plenty of families that have and the wonderful resources available are stretched to their limit.

Here is the fundraising page

The Take That tickets raised an amazing £1300. Even better, Mark Owen and his lovely wife, Emma, donated a second set of tickets for the people who came second in the auction and offered £1350 for another set. This brings the total raised by the blondes on bikes to over an incredible £7000. Thank you so much!

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