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Easter Monday (and my sister Sam’s Birthday)

Christian has been pretty unwell all weekend. His temperature has got up to 40.3 C, this has made him very uncomfortable and he has had vomiting and diarrhea. They are not sure if it is due to a Bacterial infection or a Virus but his CPR count has risen to 250 which, apparently, is a sign of bacterial infection. They have added a third intravenous antibiotic to help combat it.

Claudia seems to be suffering from the same bug as Christian has and to top it all off Henry did a Superman off a climbing frame and had to go for an X-Ray at A&E to make sure it wasn’t fractured.

Christian seems to be getting better, his temperature is not quite so high and he’s a bit happier. Wendy (Nanna) is staying with him at St George’s tonight to give me a break and Bob and Marc (Claudia’s dad and brother) are looking after him tomorrow while I go to work.

Christian is also getting GCSF which boosts his neutrophils so hopefully he will soon be better equipped to fight the infection.

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We are at the Royal Marsden again. Christian came in for the last dose of this round of chemo. It was the one that is given over three days with fluids so his kidney is protected. We were due home yesterday evening but unfortunately his temperature spiked and Claudia had to stay here with him overnight. He is now on antibiotics and we are waiting for his temperature to stabilise before we can bring him home. We are hoping that’ll be tomorrow.


The plan is still to start the intensive chemo in the beginning of May and we will probably be here at the Marsden for the whole of May as he recovers. It’s possible we may come in a week early for an intensive dose of the same chemotherapy that he’s been on so far.

I have been given a long list of all the people who sponsored online, I am busily trying to reconcile that with the people who pledged sponsorship. If you did pledge and haven’t sponsored yet I would appreciate it if you could pay online here and send me a copy of the payment e-mail receipt. If you would rather pay by cheque please e-mail me for details.

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Christian had his chemo last week which means there is only one dose left of this stage. After that, at the end of April, he will have the intensive chemo. We will be admitted to the Royal Marsden for it and Christian is likely to be very ill for at least two or three weeks after. It is at this stage that he will be given the stem cells that were harvested a couple of months ago. He’s in quite good spirits generally at the moment but his hemoglobin levels are low which makes him feel a bit poorly and means he will probably need a transfusion by the end of the week.

The sponsorship money is coming in well, thank you very much again to all those who donated. There is a full list of donors and a link to the payment page here. Please contact me if you should be on this list and are not.

By the way there is a photo of Christian in page 96 of April’s Digital Camera Magazine!

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At home

Christian responded well to the antibiotics and we are now home. He needs another dose tomorrow and a community nurse will come to our house to administer it.

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We have just got back from the Royal Marsden. Christian had two different Chemotherapy drugs, Etoposide and Carboplatin. Carboplatin is given over an hour. Etoposide is also given as an hour drip but for 3 consecutive days, so he had it on Sunday, today and is due to go back for the last dose tomorrow.

Yesterday he had a great day, Henry came with us and the staff at the Royal Marsden put on a pantomime in the afternoon which was very good. Before anybody asks, I was not drafted in at the last moment…

Peter Blandford's photo

He slept well last night and has been very happy until the nausea kicked in this morning. We have a couple of different drugs which will, hopefully keep the nausea under control.

The next dose will come in the new year when he will have the Etoposide again, this time he will have it with Cyclophosphamide which has to be given overnight with a hydrating drip.

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More Chemo

The chemotherapy went ahead at The Royal Marsden today. Unfortunately there was a complication with one of the three drugs. One of them is a slow drip over 4 hours and the needle slipped out of his portacath in the last few minutes and leaked into him. Bizarrely enough the chemotherapy is far more dangerous out of the bloodstream than in it and so Christian will have to stay in overnight so he can be monitored. He needs to have cream applied every 2 hours, it will feel, to him, like a burn beneath the skin.

Claudia will be spending the night with him but we have been told he should be released in the morning. We hope so as tomorrow is his second birthday. We have no real plans as we were hoping to be in Spain but we’ll certainly have more fun at home than at the Hospital…

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Christian went to the Royal Marsden yesterday for a triple dose of chemotherapy and some tests . As he is now over 12kg (just) he had the full dose, until now he has been on 70%. It seems to have hit him fairly hard and he’s been a bit sickly today not being able to keep food or drink down for long. We’re hoping this doesn’t last long as if there’s a danger of him getting dehydrated he’ll have to be admitted to hospital so he can get IV fluids.

The good news is that both tests that he had yesterday (a chest x-ray and an ultra sound) were clear.

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A new portacath

Wednesday 11th May

We were in St George’s today for Christian to have an operation to have a new portacath fitted. He is now home and all is fine. The only drama was that an antibiotic was given too quickly (it should have been an infusion over an hour and it wasn’t) and he got “red man syndrome”. This meant he swelled up and was his skin was very itchy, some drugs soon cleared up the problem.

Claudia is taking Christian back to the Royal Marsden tomorrow for a triple dose of chemotherapy. He is now just having the three weekly triple dose, and no longer has the weekly single dose.

The good news is that we are now halfway through his treatment. All down hill from here…

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At The Royal Marsden

Claudia took Christian down to the Royal Marsden today for his chemotherapy. Unfortunately he’s not very well so they have decided to keep him in. I’m on my way down there to take over and Claudia will be home tonight.

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Claudia brought him home today. He seems a bit better; as he is going in to the Marsden tomorrow for chemo, they were happy for him to spend the night at home.

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