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We need your help – please respond and share

St George’s Hospital, Tooting, is about to start renovation works on all their children’s wards and they have asked the Christian Blandford Fund to assist with both ideas and financing. This could be the biggest and most important project we have supported and will directly help thousands of sick children every year. The children’s wards badly needed renovation when Christian was a frequent visitor ten years ago, and very little to improve them has been done since. We have not been able to help until now because there has always been a long term rebuilding plan which, frustratingly, never materialised. We now have the green light to go ahead and make some significant changes.

We have been looking at some fund raising ideas and would really appreciate your feedback on this idea.

Earlier this year, Claudia took part in a triathlon in the Lake District which entailed a 2 mile open water canoe, an 8 mile bike ride which included the very tough Honister Pass (most people got off their bikes and walked this part!), a 7 mile trek up Haystacks followed by another 13 mile bike ride cycling through some of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District.

Along with her 12 team mates, they raised £14,000 for charity and had an absolutely incredible weekend. Claudia and the rest of the trustees think this would be a fabulous event for the Christian Blandford Fund. If we could get 70-100 people involved, it would be a lot of fun, we’d all get fitter training for it and we could raise a significant amount of money for a well targeted project.

The problem is that an event like this is not possible to organise on the cheap. In order for it to be safe for all those taking part, it requires route marshals, support vehicles, instructors, first aid staff; hire of bikes, canoes and insurance. We have asked Skyline events, who organised the last one Claudia attended to quote for an exclusive event for the Christian Blandford Fund.

The event will cost the charity, depending on numbers, about £330 per person. Anybody that attends would also have to make their own way to the Lake District and pay for their accommodation and meals while they are there. Skyline and us will be very happy to help you find rooms and we hope to be grouped in a one or two hotels with preferential rates. The plan is to travel up Friday night & have a chilled evening as it’s an early start on the Saturday. Saturday night, after the triathlon, we hope to arrange a celebratory dinner and a fun night with as many of the attendees as possible.

We do not believe in expensive events where a large part of the money raised goes to pay for the participant to have a great weekend. This leaves us with a dilema: is it possible to have the event such as this and maintain our charity ethos where money that is donated goes directly to help those that need help and not on staff salaries and expenses?

The conclusion we have come to is that the cost of the event has to be covered by the participant and the gift aid on any amount they raise. So for example, having a £150 registration fee for the participant who would then have a fund raising target of £900, the gift aid on the money raised plus the registration fee would cover the costs. This means 100% of anything donated would go to the help sick children in hospital. People could, of course, pay the full amount of the event without having a fund raising target at all.

We would really appreciate your help with this, for it to work we’ll need at least 70 people who attend and fund raise. We are torn as we feel this event could be amazing, but do not want to exclude anybody by the entry fee or fund raising target. We would love to hear your feedback. If you have read all this and are excited a the prospect of joining us in May 2018 for a weekend of walking, cycling, canoeing and no doubt lots of giggles, then please tell us. Similarly if you feel that the joining fee and/or fund raising target is too high, we want to know.

The brochure is here

Please either reply by email or we welcome a public discussion on our Facebook page where this post will also go.

We need your help – please read, respond and share…

St George’s Hospital, Tooting, is about to start renovation works…

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Who ever said never meet your hero didn’t know Ludovico Einaudi

Christian’s Favourite composer and musician is Ludovico Einaudi who has been a huge inspiration since Pete’s friend Sean Gardiner recommended him. Peter and Christian were both very excited to be going to Chelsea Hospital to watch him live in such a beautiful outdoor venue. What Christian didn’t know is that Marc Parish, his uncle, had arranged for a meet and greet after the show.

On the way into London, we noticed a piano at Sevenoaks station with a sign saying “feel free to play” so Christian did…

The concert was amazing and we were so lucky to go a  very small after party where Christian got to spend some quality time discussing music with his hero, Ludovico, who was incredibly charming and attentive even though had just come off the stage from what must have been an exhausting show.

Thank you so much to much to Marc, Zeina from Decca, Gianluca, and of course Ludovico and his amazing team of charming musicians for giving a young lad and his father a wonderful day.

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Thank you Sophie and new music from Christian

Christian, continues to excel in his music. If anybody wants to hear more of the tracks he has written, he has set up a channel on Sound Cloud. You can listen on a browser here, Soundcloud also has apps on IOS, Android and even Sonos, where you can install the app and search for him.



Claudia’s friend, Sophie Martin has done the London to Brighton challenge for the Christian Blandford Fund. That is a 100km run! an amazing achievement and we are so grateful that she chose the Christian Blandford Fund to support. Sophie has raised nearly £1000 with gift aid and all of that money, like everything raised for the Christian Blandford Fund, will go to improving the lives of children unfortunate enough to be in hospital, particularly those affected by cancer. Sophie’s Virgin Money Giving page is here .


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Neil Berrecloth is running the London Marathon next Sunday

We managed to get a place for Neil Berrecloth to run the London Marathon. He has paid the entry fee himself so any sponsorship will go straight to us and we remain nearly 100% efficient with almost no money being spent on administration or fund raising.

Neil’s Fund Raising Page

Neil is a great friend of the Blandfords, and we thank him for his support and wish him lots of luck in the final stages of preparation and on the day itself!

Neil and Christian

Neil with the Blandfords

More recently

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Christian’s Latest Piano Piece

We haven’t written much about how Christian is doing recently. He is doing very well! His video game creating is mushrooming with some famous youtubers playing his games and his own you tube channel doing phenomenally well with a recent play through of a game he wrote getting well over a million views! His gaming site is

He is also still playing and writing music, here is a composition he wrote recently, if you’re interested in the games they are on the same channel.


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Father Christmas visits St George’s


Santa at St Georges


It has become a tradition that has now been going since 2010. The Bowlers and the Hancox’s, trustees of the Christian Blandford Fund, order and wrap the presents and we visit the hospital to hand them out. This year Santa had his usual elf  Chichi (Christian) and we were also joined by the reindeer Prancer (Jessica) who had a fabulous time ordering Father Christmas around. We also had a full entourage of help including Henry Blandford,  Darren and James Bowler, Neil Berrecloth, the wonderful play specialists, and Trevor Jacobs who offered his photography services at very late notice.

It is always an emotional day. We vividly remember being at the hospital this time of year, hoping that we would be able to get home for as normal a Christmas as we could manage. The hospital wards are, as always, full of love and hope tinged with a fair share of pain and sadness.

We like to think that we managed to raise a few smiles today and hopefully brightened up the day for some children and their families during a difficult time.

The photos are on our Facebook page here and can be downloaded in print quality here.

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A couple of Thank you’s

It seems like only yesterday that Christian was loving going to Stagecoach. His sister Jessica, has followed in similar vein, and goes to Make Believe in Sevenoaks. They recently had their Christmas show and half the money they raised went to the Christian Blandford fund. Thank you very much!

Jessica at Make Believe


It’s that time of year and Santa and his elves are preparing presents for the Children unfortunate enough to be in hospital over Christmas. This year Santa will have a much better beard thanks to the lovely Dainty Sue and the Kid’s Entertainment Network. Thanks guys!

Santa 2014

Bad Beard Santa!


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Chris Elsmore

Chris Elsmore was a great friend of the Blandford family and he and his lovely wife Simone chose the Christian Blandford fund for donations in lieu of presents on their 40th Birthday.

Peter and Claudia were very touched that Simone chose us again as one of the two charities for donations at Chris’ funeral last week. Our share, with gift aid, was over £1000 which is a testament to Chris and the generosity of his friends and family. Thank you so much Simone.

Chris, Simone and Jude

Chris, Simone and Jude


Chris’s friend, Mark Puddephat will be running the Paris marathon and has decided to raise money for the same two charities. Hi donation page is here, thank you very much Mark!




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Santa and his Elves Visit St George’s

We had a wonderful day handing out presents to the Children at St George’s Hospital in Tooting


Thank you very much to the play specialists for all their help. Thank you to the trustee families, Darren and James Bowler , Amy and Anna Hancox and Henry and Christian Blandford for being amazing Santa helpers!

The photos were all taken by the very talented Hugh Miller from Boy meets Girl Photography who gave up his time and skills for nothing but a thank you.

The photos are available for the parents to look at and share on Facebook here or they can be downloaded in print quality from here.

Thank you also to all our wonderful supporters and donators who have raised money and donated money so this can be possible.

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A Christmas Update

We have a few bits of news so thought it would be a good idea to do a quick blog post to update our friends and followers on what has been happening.

  1. We are almost ready for the Santa visit on the 21st December, as usual Pete will be donning the Santa outfit and will be accompanied by his helpful elf Christian. It is amazing how quite a lot of kids are quite frightened of the 6′ 4″ santa but all love his elf! Thank you very much to our trustees Darren Bowler and Amy Hancox for ordering and wrapping the presents and for Hugh from Boy Meets Girl Photography, who is donating his time and skills for free on the day.
  2. Waitrose in Sevenoaks have The Christian Blandford Fund as one of their nominated charities. Please drop by and pop the green coin into the middle bin!
    The CBF at Waitrose


    The CBF

    The CBF




  3. Christian wrote a lovely piece of music for a string quartet. As proud parents we hope you don’t mind us sharing it!


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