Mini Teslas for Hospitals in the UK

Back in 2019, some Tesla owners in the UK received Mini Teslas as part of a referral program from Tesla. Some owners generously decided to donate those cars to local hospitals. The community of Tesla owners, led by Tesla Owners UK, got together to raise money for more cars. Even Elon Musk got involved with a donation from the Elon foundation and Radio Flyer who produce the cars gave a generous dicount. As the money from the group came in, the Christian Blandford Fund offered to help in order to collect and the manage the funds and claim gift aid on the donations. Will Fealey, the president of Tesla owners UK, joined the CBF as a trustee.

Since then every single children’s hospital in the UK has been offered one  and most have accepted. They are now being used all around the country. ITV ran a story about it this week about one of the many hospitals who are using them…


Deryn Harvey from Tesla owners UK has managed the program with impressive efficiency, not only providing the cars but looking after them as they need work over the years.

To quote Deryn – “TOUK have our own repair/refurb facility. Some of the originals are developing faults and Pete Smoothy and Nick Goldring take them into our very own “repair workshop.” Where a hospital has one which is very well used we use the parts and supply a brand new one to the hospital. Here are some ready to go out again.”

The Christian Blandford Fund are delighted to have been able to help and play a small part in this incredible project. We’d like to thank Tesla Owners UK, particularly Will, Deryn, Pete and Nick for not only making this happen but for maintaining the project during the many inevitable ups and downs.

We’d also like to thank all those who donated over the years and RadioFlyer, Elon Musk, and all the incredible NHS staff who helped get the cars onto the wards so they could help make a difference.


Trustee of The Christian Blandford Fund
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