A New Diagnosis

The good news is that he has started eating and drinking, mostly chocolate and biscuits, but at least he is feeding himself. We should be able to take him home tomorrow. The less good news is that the pathologists have finished deliberating and have decided that it is, after all, not a Wilm’s tumour. They have decided that what he has is a clear cell sarcoma of the kidney. This is a lot less common than a Wilm’s tumour (about 5% of Kidney tumours).This kind of cancer is a lot more prone to spreading, we know it hasn’t spread to the lungs but now they need to check that it hasn’t spread to his brain or bones. They will need to do a bone scan, a CT head scan and take a sample of bone marrow. Kathy Pritchard-Jones feels that from his behaviour it is very unlikely that any spreading has occurred. All these test will be done next week. Assuming no spreading the prognosis is very similar to Wilm’s tumour but he will need a far longer period of treatment post operation (probably about a year oClearf chemotherapy). They will bring the surgery forward to reduce the risk of the cancer spreading before surgery. The date currently suggested is the 23rd February 2005. He will probably need to stay at St. George’s Hospital for about a week after the operation.


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