New Laptops for St George’s hospital

We are in the process of ordering 8 shiny new laptops for the Pinkney ward at St George’s. They will be available for use by children and their parents. This will allow the kids to play games online, watch DVDs, use social networking sites and do homework. They will also be equipped with Microsoft Office so parents can catch up on work while they are on the ward.

We would like to thank the lovely people at Seareach UK, for offering to provide security labels for free. We contacted them for a quote and they offered us 100 labels free of charge. Thank you very much guys!

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Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show

Christian was in Mauritius last week and took part in a fashion show to launch Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest collection! Lots of other children who stayed at The Residence also took part. I have put the photos here and also on photobox here where you can order prints (password christianblandfordfund).

Please share this site on facebook and other social networking sites.

Christian Blandford modelling the latest Jean Paul Gaultier Collection

Donations from parents welcome! ūüėČ

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February 2011

21st February 2011

Christian has been very keen to have some input into the site and has written the following…

Thank you for coming to my website. The Christian blandford fund needs LOTS of money to make the children with cancer more happier. We need even more money for the St Georges hospital. If you like making children feel better then you definitely need to raise some money!

Well there you go! ūüėČ

February 2011

The New Logo!!!

You have probably noticed that we now have a fantastic new logo. It was designed by Simon Brown of Shiny Brown Design. Simon gave up his time and expertise and refused payment for his services for which we are very grateful!

The other exciting item of news for the fund is that we are now a registered charity with the registered charity number 1139614. You can see it’s listing on the Charity Commission website.

January 2011

Christian’s Nanny, June Arthur, performed a demonstration of preparing Spanish tapas to the ladies of the NWR in Wimborne, the ladies generously donated ¬£67 to the Christian Blandford Fund.

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Father Christmas Visit to St George’s

Peter put on a Father Christmas outfit and went to St George’s to hand out presents with his two little helpers Henry and Christian.

Santa and his little helpers
There are more photos here. Some parents wanted copies of the photos, they can be ordered directly from photobox. If you have not used them before send me an e-mail at and I’ll send you an offer code for 50 free prints. A big thank you to Hugh Miller, the very talented photographer who took the photos for us and donated his time and expertise.

It was a lot of fun, made easy by the very organised play specialists at St George’s. Thank you also to Darren, Corrine, Emily and Amy for collecting wrapping and delivering the presents to the Hospital, they truly did all the hard work!

The presents were all paid for from The Christian Blandford Fund and we are very grateful to the enormous support that we receive from the friends that support us.

It was great to see Maz, one of the very skillful nurses at St George’s using the portable ultra sound machine that we supplied. At over ¬£20,000 it is not in the NHS budget but makes inserting needles into children’s veins a much less traumatic and painful experience. Something we felt strongly was worth our investment!

So we can continue this kind of work, please consider us if you are raising money for a charity event or are about to make a festive charity donation. Thank and Merry christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Visit To St George’s

Darren Bowler and Amy Hancox are trustees of the Christian Blandford fund and joined me on a visit to St George’s to discuss future projects and look at some of the recent purchases and projects we have been involved with. Here are some of the pictures.

Darren, Amy and Rachel

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Stagecoach Photos

Christian loves going to Stagecoach in Hildenborough

I have taken some photos of their shows and thought that some of the other parents might be interested in prints so have put them on photobox.

If you have never used photobox contact me and I will get you an offer code for 50 free prints.

There is no obligation, but if you order prints and wish to make a donation to the Christian Blandford fund, we would be very grateful

Thank you!

Peter and Claudia Blandford

June 2011 – Bugsy Malone

password – theblandfords


July 2010 click here for photobox Album

password theblandfords

Christian on Stage

November 2010 demo click here for photos

Password theblandford

Christian and Phoebe

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Newspapers and Television Fame!

25th November

I’m sure you all agree that The Sevenoaks Chronicle is the hub of global news and events.

21st November

First newspapers, now television! Anybody local keep an eye on the Sevenoaks Chronicle next week too.

17th November

I’m sure you all read the Daily Express and have therefore already seen this, but for those that haven’t they ran a story on the Stagecoach awards and Christian’s prize.

The newspaper had a lovely photo of Christian in it too. Here is the PDF of it.

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Stagecoach Bravery Award

Christian enjoys going to stagecoach where he practices dancing, singing and acting. When they found out about his illness, Wendy and Keith who run the Tonbridge school asked if they could put him forward for a national Stagecoach Award. If you are interested here is the letter that Keith wrote.

Christian, Claudia, Peter and Christian’s nanny (Pete’s mum, June) went to the Houses of Parliament where Christian was named the winner of the Bravery prize. Needless to say we were over the moon!

Click here for more photos of the event.

Christian with Wendy from Stagecoach Tonbridge

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Claudia’s 10km run

Claudia and Christian

Christian’s mum, Claudia has decided to run 10km to raise money for the Christian Blandford Fund, she writes…

Hi, thanks for visiting my page. ¬†For those of you who know me, I am not a runner. ¬†I may attempt to jog a little bit but I am rubbish – I don’t “do” speed, I constantly need to pee, and I always sprain my ankle. ¬†Not the right ingredients really to attempt a 10k! ¬†However, I am raising money for The Christian Blandford Fund. ¬†Christian is my son and he has been through cancer twice. ¬†As a family we have spent a huge amount of time in hospitals where we could see that they were crying out for basic things such as sofa beds for parents, curtains, high chairs, toys, electronic games etc. ¬†We managed to raise enough money to buy these things, and much more, but we need to continue to raise funds – sofa beds break, curtains rip, toys don’t last forever. ¬†Please help me to be able to continue to help the lives of sick children and their families in hospitals. ¬†

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

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Healthy and Delicious Pasta Sauce

Christian, Henry and I decided to have some fun promoting the Christian Blandford Fund

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