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Some great news and important info for triathlon participants

We have been given the green light to go ahead with the refurbishment of the children’s wards at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. The work will start in March with Nicholls ward and The Pinckney Ward, where Christian spent a lot of time, will come next. We are very proud to say that the Christian Blandford Fund will be funding the majority of this work and have pledged £100,000 for the project.

We have spent over 10 years trying to push for these improvements so are delighted with the news. Thank you Darren Bowler, one of the CBF trustees for your perseverance in pushing this forward.

This brings us nicely to the next hurdle, the £100,000! If you can not join us for the triathlon but would like to help please consider sponsoring me and Claudia here.

The sign ups for the Christian Blandford Fund Triathlon are going really well, but we are still short of the target 70 people we would like to have partaking. Please forward this to somebody who may be interested in joining us for a great weekend while fund raising for this very important and targeted project. If you are thinking about signing up and haven’t done so yet, please do so now here.

Those of you who have decided to join us, thank you! This next bit is for you:

  1. If you have any friends or family who you think would like to join you please encourage them to join, we could do with just a few more signing up.
  2. We hope all participants will donate £99 each before the event to help cover event costs, the Blandfords have made a donation to cover the rest. If you have not done so please do so here
  3. Please makes sure you have registered with skyline
  4. Please set up a just giving fund raising page and share it with friends, family and co workers. Search for “CBF” in organised event and select no to “Have any of your selected charities contributed to the cost of your event?”
  5. If your company has some kind of a matching or charity donation scheme please look into it for us. Claudia or I are very happy to pitch to any companies if that is required.
  6. We are staying at the Lodore Falls Hotel and and Skyline have negotiated a preferential rate of £120 per person per night for dinner bed and breakfast. They have held a mixture of twins and doubles and should have contacted you about it. If you would like to stay somewhere else that is absolutely fine, you can search for hotels here
  7. Claudia and I are getting the 1430 train from London, Euston to Penrith (North Lakes) on the Friday 18th May.  Let us know if you book the train too so that we can organise for a mini bus or taxi to pick us all up.  We return on the 1207 train on the Sunday 20th May, arriving at Euston at 1518.
  8. Any more questions? look at the FAQ and feel free to contact us
  9. Finally and most importantly, thank you for being part of our team, we are delighted you are with us!

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Time is running out to register!

Click here to apply for the CBF Triathlon

You are running out of time to register for the Christian Blandford Fund Triathlon!

Lots of people have now signed up but we also have lots of friends who said they are going to sign up who have not yet done so. You know who you are!

Please do so as soon as possible by clicking here and following the instructions. All participants are expected to make a donation of a minimum of £99 to cover their costs but if you would rather do this later just sign up with Skyline and let us know that the payment is coming later.

On a separate note we received a lovely thank you note from St George’s Hospital which we would like to share with you:

Thank you from St. George’s



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Artwork installed in York Hospital’s Children’s Ward

Most of the work we do has been for St George’s Hospital in Tooting but we help in other places too. We just received this thank you from York Teaching Hospital…


Thanks to the Christian Blandford Fund the Arts Team at York Teaching Hospital has worked with staff on York Hospital’s Children’s ward to coordinate new art work for the bedrooms.  The Trust’s Estates Team freshened up the walls with a lick of paint and a bright new colour scheme, ready for the addition of child-friendly illustrations. We commissioned local illustrator Tanya McClelland to produce the artwork, working with patients, visitors and staff to choose the final designs.  We felt her playful illustrations were perfect for the project, with designs taking inspiration from parks and outdoor spaces across the city of York and the beaches of Yorkshires East Coast.

We would like to thank the Christian Blandford Fund for making this project a reality and helping to transform the ward.

Once again many thanks from all our staff this change to the ward environment will make a huge difference.

If you have not yet entered for the CBF Lake District Triathlon and plan to do so, please do so now as numbers are limited and places are filling up fast.

Click here to apply for the CBF Triathlon

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The CBF 2018 Triathlon – update

The CBF Triathlon

Click here for more details


We are very happy to say that the take up for the CBF triathlon in May next year has been fantastic but we still have a long way to go. In order to join us for what promises to be a fantastic event please follow the following steps

Step  1 – Please click here to donate to the Christian Blandford Fund

Step 2 – Click here to sign up with Skyline who are organising the event

Step 3 – click here to set up a Virgin Money Giving page to start your fund raising select organised event and search for “CBF”

Thank you to those who have donated more than the recommended £99 per person to join us. The extra amount you have given goes straight into the fund, and will help us meet our ambitious target of raising £100,000.

We welcome people signing up in teams and couples but  remind you that the recommended donation of £99 is per person taking part. The cost of entry for the charity is £320 per entry but the Blandford family are happy to be donating the majority of this fee and we ask everybody, in return, to make the minimum donation of £99 each.

Gift Aid – please tick the gift aid box if you are a UK tax payer. If you pay  more than 25% tax, we recommend you making a note of this donation for your own tax return.  If you are an additional tax rate payer, for example, you can claim back another 20% of your donation on your 2017/18 tax return. Many people forget to do this.

You can see the progress of the Campaign on the Virgin Money Giving page

If you use Facebook and Twitter please follow us and share our posts. Social media really helps!

The last  big event we organised was a 10km run in 2014. Life was tougher in those days but this was a certainly high point in a dark time…

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